New procedures when you take classes at RISE 

General New Rules for Studio Opening


- Cleaning and sanitizing of all studios will happen daily and after each class.


       - Frequent wellness checks for staff.


- All registration must take place on the parent portal, to make sure we only allow a certain amount of students in each class.


 - No cash payments will be allowed moving forward. All monthly payments and tuition will be done online.


 - Any staff member or student showing signs of sickness will be sent home.


 - Employees will wash hands and/or sanitize before and after each class.


 - We have increased our cleaning frequencies and sanitation procedures in high traffic areas and on high-touch surfaces of the studio and lobby. Such as doors, barres, floors, counters, stereos and bathrooms.


 - Class sizes have been modified to reflect the current state recommendations of no more than 10 in a room, until we enter our Phase Two.

 - All updated information for parents and students will be available through this website, but always feel free to email or call us with any questions. 



New Protocols for attending Class/Camp


 - Our main goal is to minimize bodies in the studio. Lobby will be closed, only students and staff can enter the studio. Parents will drop off/pick up at the door, using social distancing spots. Parents will not be allowed to enter the studio and can wait in their vehicles.  We will have someone in the office so you can call or email with any questions.


 - There will be X’s and signage outside the studio of where to line up before class.


 - Please be ON TIME!! Please arrive to class a 5 minutes early, temperatures will be taken BEFORE entering.


 - Students can only enter the studio when their class time begins. The teacher will come out and get the class to bring them inside. We will be staggering class times to allow for arrivals and departures. (3-5 minutes)


 - ALL Dancers and Staff will be asked to wear a mask upon waiting for class, entering and existing the studio. Dancers 10 and under will have the option of wearing a mask during class. Dancers 11 & up must wear a mask at all times under the current governors orders. Each dancer will be responsible for bringing his or her own mask.


 - We will be taking temperatures before each class, to make sure no one has a fever. If staff or a student has a temperature of over 101


 - When entering the studio, students must be already dressed for class. They will be able to bring in a small dance bag and water bottle. All dressing rooms will be closed off during phases 1 & 2.


 - Dancers will not be allowed to congregate in the hallways, lobby or backrooms. We will have specific rules on how to enter and exit each dance studio.


  - Students will have their own designated spot for their water bottle and bag.


 - All water stations will be closed and each student is required to bring their own water bottle.


 - We will have hand sanitizer stations in each studio, at all entrances and at the front desk.  Dancers and staff will always sanitize hands upon entering and exiting studio, and in between every class.


  - We will mark spots on the floor to keep dancers 6 ft. a part during classes and utilize every space in all studios.


 - Dancers will be kept in the same studio during the entire duration of their class/camp.


 - Bathrooms will be available, but not for changing clothes. We encourage dancers to utilize the restroom at home before coming to class.


 - We have installed touch less soap dispensers and touch less paper towel dispensers to make sure of frequent hand washing.


 - Hand washing posters are posted within each bathroom.


 - No food will be allowed in the studio.


 - All doors to each studio will remain open throughout the entire class to provide airflow through studios and limit any surface touching.


 - All barres, yoga blocks and any other equipment used will be wiped down after each use.


 - Parents will be asked to wait outside for kids to be released. A staff member will be outside to ensure your dancer gets back to you safely.


 - Please arrive and pick up a few minutes early, teachers need time between classes to sanitize before the next class enters.


We ask that if you believe or know you may have been in contact with Covid-19 that you refrain from attending class. If you or someone you know isn’t feeling well, we also ask that you not attend class.


If your child has any symptoms or illness or lives in a household with someone exhibiting the following, please STAY HOME.

 - Fever; stay home.

 - Sore throat, cough, upset stomach “unrelated to allergies”; they cannot attend class, stay home.

 - COVID symptoms; stay home and see a doctor to get tested.

 - Exposure to someone that has COVID, stay home and quarantine.


If anyone in your home has been exposed to COVID, you must notify us!

We are currently in PHASE TWO of our reopening



 - 10 people or less per studio area

 - Private lessons can be scheduled for up to 4 people in studio space.

 - Classes will continue to be run via Zoom

 - Small camps offered in the studio with 8 dancers max per studio.



 - 50 people or less in all studios combined

 - In studio classes/camps will run with limited number of dancers at each level.

 - Number of dancers will be based off each studios square footage.

 - Normal class/camp tuition fees applicable

 - No drop ins or Make up classes permitted



 - Open for normal business with safety measures still being taken

 - Classes and Camps will return to normal

 - Drops Ins or Make up classes must be scheduled through the front desk.

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