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It is important that our instructors can see the body placement of our dancers in the classroom setting. All dancers must wear appropriate dance wear to every class. Forgetting dance wear, shoes, proper hair and/or wearing inappropriate clothing is not acceptable. 


Ballet Class: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (not satin slippers). Boys: black or white fitted t-shirt, black leggings or black shorts above the knee, black ballet shoes *required for recital,

Hair out of the face in a bun. A short dance skirt is optional. 

Tap Class: Form fitting top and shorts/jazz pants/leggings, black tap shoes *required for recital. 


Jazz Class/Leaps & Turns: Form fitting top, shorts/jazz pants/leggings, tan jazz shoes *required for recital. 


Lyrical/Contemporary Class: Form Fitting Top, Shorts (showing the knee)/Jazz Pants/Leggings, tan pirouettes *required for recital 


Hip Hop Class: Comfortable dance clothes, hair securely pulled up, tennis shoes are required (please bring hip hop shoes specifically for dance - do not wear street shoes to hip hop).

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