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Our Adult Fitness program is in person in the studio or on Zoom, depending on the class. 
On the schedule next to each class, it will be marked if it is on Zoom or in the Studio!


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Core Yoga

Strength starts with the core.  This class will strengthen your core with an emphasis on the muscles that support and move your spine.  We will use yoga principles, postures, breathing techniques and alignment to strengthen and stabilize your core.  See how strengthening your core can improve your life!

Barre Fitness

This class is a challenging, non-impact fitness class, designed to produce lean, sculpted bodies, with a focus on postural strength and alignment.  Exercises are based on isometric movements allowing focus on each individual muscle, to get the most out of your workout.  Barre is gentle on the body, accommodates for injuries, enhances balance, and improves flexibility, It's a highly efficient whole body workout. No ballet or dance experience required. 

All Levels Yoga Flow

Join us for this flow class with a focus on foundations.  It will result in effortless movement, improved flexibility, strength, balance and inner peace.  Open to all levels!

Adult Hip Hop 

This is a fun, high energy hip hop class for all levels. No dance experience needed. Bring your best friends and get down to your favorite Hip Hop tunes. 

Yoga for You

Awaken your body through the joys of this healing art. Men and women of all ages will gain strength, flexibility and bring new awareness to the connection between mind, body and spirit. 

Gentle Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates borrows from disciplines such as dance, yoga, and classic calisthenics. The standard Pilates system of exercise uses many different pieces of equipment, such as the reformer, cadillac and barrel. But, the mat Pilates series of exercise is performed equipment-free, with the moves adapted to work with just your body and a floor mat for cushioning and support. 

Yoga for Strength

Join us for this strengthening yoga class with Mary Ann! This class will focus on a variety of yoga postures that will strengthen the entire body. You will move through postures that utilize body weight to increase strength while improving flexibility and balance. This class is open to all levels and perfect for those interested in feeling stronger, both on and off the mat! 

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