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Andrew Cassel

Andrew teaches Adult Hip Hop Thursday 7-8pm.

Andrew is a graduate of University of Northern Colorado with a Physical Education major with a minor in dance.  Andrew received the Outstanding Dance Award at UNC while studying under Monte and Christy Black.  Since graduating, he continues to choreograph for "Miranda's Nightmare" at UNC and has also been traveling and assisting Manhattan Dance Project working with choreographers and dancers across the nation.  Andrew couldn't be more excited to take on year four at RISE Dance Co.  

Anjli Giri

Anjli teaches Core Yoga Monday and Wednesday 9-10:15.

Anjli has been working in the health industry since 2002.  She works as a physical therapist and a certified yoga teacher.  Anjli was born and raised in Colorado and has been practicing yoga since 1996.  She grew up with an active lifestyle including yoga, dance, swimming, skiing and hiking.  She completed her degree in Kinesiology at the University of Colorado in Boulder and has a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of California in San Francisco.  Anjli is married with two daughters and loves spending time with her family in the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Anjli completed her 250+ hours yoga teacher training at Prana Yoga in Denver, Colorado.  As a yoga teacher, Anjli’s focus is to create a space where yoga is accessible to all.  Yoga is centered around the idea that we are all one.  She believes that if we can recognize this divinity in each of us and ourselves, then we can all find inner peace.  Yoga offers a way to get in touch with ourselves and find our own truth.  Anjli likes to utilize yoga and the ancient philosophies to connect mind, body and spirit.  Her classes offer a multitude of variations for all skill levels.  Her goal is to create classes that are accessible to all.

Becky Adams

Becky teaches Gentle Yoga Sunday 9-10am.

Becky has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.  She was drawn to yoga asana for the calm and peace the practice brought to her busy mind and aching body.  Following a severe injury in 2017, she deeply connected with the therapeutic benefits of regular yoga practice.  Inspired by the holistic healing yoga provided during her recovery, she found herself wanting to share the teachings with others and in 2019 completed a 200-hour teacher training at Samadhi Center for Yoga in Denver, CO.  Becky is now pursuing advanced training with a 300-hour program at PranaYoga & Ayurveda Mandala in Denver and recently started a 1000-hour Yoga Therapy training program at Practice Yoga in Austin, TX.  

Becky's asana classes explore the mind-body-spirit connection through the rhythm of the breath and moving mindfully to create balance, strength, stability and space for healing and relaxation.  Classes are gentle, appropriate for all levels and designed to leave students feeling balance, grounded and centered.


Joseph Lagae


Joe teaches Yoga for You Tuesday 9am, Thursday 5:30pm, Saturday 8am.


Joe is a certified Structural Hatha Yoga instructor who loves to share his practice of yoga.  Since receiving his certification in 1996, Joseph has attended several

retreats and training programs.  Included among these are Yoga Intensives with the American Yoga College and International Yoga Studies.  For two years, 1999 to 2001, Joe served as President of the Yoga Teachers of Colorado, , a non-profit association of yoga teachers and students interested in Yoga.


Yoga helped Joseph to open his spiritual heart, and through the grace of God he came back to his Catholic faith in 2005.  Now Joseph is learning to incorporate yoga techniques with Christian meditation practices as well as opening the mind and body to the love of Jesus Christ.  


In class, Joseph hopes to convey to you his love of yoga in order that you may learn to appreciate this practice and learn for yourself what it can do for you. Here are a few of the key themes that you will hear in class:


Breath – Breath is the heart of the asana (posture).  If you could only get one thing out of a yoga class with Joe, it would be an increased awareness of your breath and the power it can have.  The breath is the link between the mind, body and spirit. Moving with the gift of the inhale and exhale, you will feel the joy of experiencing the present moment.


Awareness – Awareness of your body.  As you work through yoga asanas, you will gain a better sense of your body, how it moves and how it can be rejuvenated.  In time, this will be apparent to you, both when you practice and in your daily routine. Awareness in the present moment is one of the keys to bringing balance and union of mind, body and spirit.  You will see how this applies to your yoga practice, allowing you to bring a meditative aspect to your yoga asanas.


Receptiveness – You will learn to let the mind be receptive to messages sent by the body.  With breath and awareness as guiding lights, you will find a balance between mind, body and spirit.  

Julia Musser

Julia teaches Barre Fitness Monday 7pm, Wednesday 6pm, Saturday 8am.

Julia has been dancing and performing since age three and teaching for the last eight years.  At present, she dances with Dream Project Dance Company, a professional, non-profit company based out of Broomfield.  Julia is a graduate of Lakewood High School and Metropolitan State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics.  Julia teaches our wonderful little kids and lyrical classes, in addition to Barre Fitness classes.  

Mary Ann Plocher

Mary Ann teaches Yoga for Strength Thursday 9-10:15am.

Mary Ann has been practicing yoga for almost 30 years. Experiencing the difference yoga made in her life, she wanted to share this amazing practice with others. She took a 200 hr training in 2005 and has continued on that journey to deepen her  knowledge, completing 1400 additional hours of training at Prana Yoga in Denver. 


In addition to teaching, Mary Ann owned Rishi's Crossing Yoga Studio from 2007 through 2013. After closing the studio, she began teaching Teacher Training courses at Prana Yoga in Denver.  


Mary-Ann believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice and it is her passion to teach in a way that opens the door for others to open themselves to all the gifts that yoga can offer. 


Mary Ann has been married  to her high school sweetheart for 50 years.  They have 2 beautiful daughters and 2 grandchildren.  In addition to yoga, Mary-Ann enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Sutton Anker
Sutton teaches Pilates & Conditioning Friday 9-10am.


Sutton Anker has a strong passion for teaching: dance technique, dance science/wellness, and creative movement classes for all ages and abilities. Her interest in dance medicine and science began at the University of Wyoming where she earned her B.F.A. in 2013 in Dance concentration of Science. Throughout her time at Wyoming, Sutton participated in and co-coordinated various dance science research projects, while also spending time on the stage both during her four years and post-graduation. Her performance resume includes The Nutcracker, Power/Full and Duet from the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Cinderella: From the Ashes a ballet, and various other ballet, contemporary, modern, and vertical dance pieces. 


In 2015, Sutton graduated with her Masters of Science in Dance Science from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, U.K. In the course of her Master’s program, Sutton worked in Trinity Laban’s Learning and Participation Program teaching both children’s classes and a creative movement class for individuals with brain injuries, and co-directed HeadStart, a research study on the effects of creative movement class on children’s resilience.


As a member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS), Sutton has presented two of her mirror research studies including her Master’s thesis, An Investigation of Pedagogical Rationales for Current Mirror Use in a Ballet Technique Class at the 2016 IADMS conference in Hong Kong. She is now on staff with IADMS as the Annual Conference Producer Assistant.


Sutton’s personal and academic interest in pedagogy and advocacy for safe dance practice is what drew her to be a part of Safe in Dance International (SiDI) team. Sutton is now a SiDI Registered Provider, teaching safe dance practice to dancers, teachers, and parents throughout the U.S.  Additionally, she is an Education Associate with Denver Dance Medicine Associates, a member of the National Dance Education Organization, RockTape certified, and teaches dance technique and conditioning classes. She is currently training for her BASI Pilates Comprehensive certificate to continue educating and working with individuals, and dancers, on their personal wellness.

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