Information for 2021-2022 season

At RISE Dance Co., our mission is Respect. Integrity. Strength. Excellence. We are a family-friendly studio that instills strong technique, developmentally appropriate movement, and creates well-rounded dancers. We are committed to spreading the love of dance.

Our dancers will be held to the highest standards of conduct. Communicating negatively about anyone in or outside our studio will not be tolerated. Our dancers are expected to show courtesy and respect to all instructors and other students. RISE dancers are always respectful, supportive, encouraging and are positive in spirit, attitude and behavior.


Placement in classes is based on the following criteria: technique, potential, commitment level, enthusiasm, attitude and behavior in class, attendance and stage presence.

Attendance & Time Commitment:

Your class is a team. Just as sports teams require all players to attend practices, dance companies require their dancers to attend all classes and rehearsals. Absences will not only affect the individual dancer, but the class as a whole. If absences are becoming an issue, it is the teachers right to remove a dancer from any piece for recital or performances.

Each dancer is allowed (5) excused absences, and up to three (3) unexcused absences from classes and rehearsals.

*Excused absences receive prior approval from your instructor; advance notice of absence does not mean it is excused. The following are considered “excused” absences:

            - Family emergency

            - Scheduled school programs or performances required for credit

            - Wedding or Religious dedication of you or a member of your family

            - If you are seriously ill or infectious

            - Planned vacation 

Dancers will watch class/rehearsal in the case of injury or mild illness.

Punctuality is just as important as attendance, please be on time and prepared for class.

Dancers must be present in ALL their classes and rehearsals two weeks prior to every performance or competition. We ask that the month prior to recital, you are attending every class (November and May).

Dancing in our upper level classes is s a privilege and comes with responsibility. Personal accountability is essential for a successful season, and commitment to your other members is a vital component of this success. When a member is not present, it negatively impacts your entire team.

General Information:
Please be sure to read RISE emails, return forms as requested, and refer to the website/parent portal for additional information. Instructors will publish and distribute information as it becomes available and will give notice in advance to keep all parents well-informed. In order to ensure all parents/guardians receive information in a timely manner, it is the parents’ responsibility to keep mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers up-to-date with RISE.

Group Me –
Dancers should download the app GroupMe where information is often communicated through the group message. Once the app is downloaded, members will be invited to the group message. If your dancer does not have access to apps, we will send them important info via text message.

Financial Obligation for Level 4/5/6:
Annual Registration Fee - $65/student – annual payment due in August or at time of registration. The registration fee covers the cost of administrative hours setting up students in the attendance and billing system. It also covers your dancer’s insurance, music license fees, and studio communication costs, all separate expenses from class tuition.

Performance Fee – Two payments of $30/family – due November and in May. This performance fee is non-refundable and covers the cost for two venue performances. This fee is used towards the space, lighting designer, and photographer.

Costume Rental Fee – is dependent on number of dances, per dancer. This fee will be due February 1st and goes towards the renting, cleaning, maintaining and the storing of our costumes for the spring recital and future stage performances. This fee is non-refundable.

1 dance = $30

2 dances = $60

3-4 dances = $90

5-6 dances = $120

7+ dances = $150


Warm Up Jacket: Estimate $50


Convention: $200

Monthly Camps: $50-$100

Summer Intensive: $450 (see requirements)

Warm Up Leggings Estimate: $45