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This is a brief outline of the time and financial commitment to be a member of the RISE Company. For more information please email us at


RISE Dance Co. believes that being involved in competitive dance develops positive self esteem, confidence, accountability, and leadership in young dancers. In our program, dancers have the opportunity to compete regionally and nationally. We will always maintain a high standard of age appropriate routines and uniforms for our dancers. Our goal is not necessarily to take 1st place, but rather we encourage our dancers to do their very best and improve from one competition to the next, and most of all have fun. We believe our philosophy has really made our competitive dancers excel both in the competitive environment, as well as in every class and performance at RISE.


Auditions have concluded and will be held again in June 2024



Placement in our competitive teams is based on the following criteria: technique, potential, commitment level, enthusiasm, attitude and behavior in class, attendance and stage presence. 

We are looking for dancers who are excelling in their core classes, extremely motivated, hard working, consistent in their training and technique, and ready to be pushed to the next level.


Class Requirements for Company:


Juniors: Ages 9-11 as of 1/1/2024

  • Company Rehearsals - Saturday mornings, possibly weeknight - TBD

  • Minimum 4 classes per week, 2 ballet, 1 leaps & turns, 1 jazz

    • Additional options: Lyrical/Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop

Teens/Seniors: Ages 12-18 as of 1/1/2024

  • Company Rehearsals - Saturday mornings, possibly weeknight - TBD

  • Minimum 6 classes per week, 2 ballet, 1 leaps & turns, 1 jazz, 1 lyrical/contemporary

    • Additional options: Tap, Hip Hop

Competition & Convention/Studio Requirements:

  • 4-5 Regional Competitions (January-May)

  • 1 regional Convention per year

  • RISE Summer Intensive (July)

  • Out-of-state Nationals every other year starting Summer 2025

  • Community Performances / Studio Appearances/Involvement

  • Showcase - Winter & Spring


Financial Obligation:

Monthly Admin and Rehearsal Fees, Costumes Fees, Choreography Fees, Competition/Convention Entry Fees, Etc.  

These fees are subject to change every year & vary between groups. 


If you have more specific questions, please reach out to us, for we have “fee example charts” reflecting the previous season. 

*All of these fees are in addition to normal class tuition, costume fees, recital fees, etc.*





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