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Summer Training

Whether your focus is on hip hop or ballet, RISE offers a challenging, supportive environment where you can grow as an artist and technician. So why should you participate in summer camps and our regular classes? Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Dancers have the opportunity to try out different styles of dance which will challenge their rhythm, flexibility, strength, and technique. Psychologists suggest taking different types of dance classes will enhance brain development and allow dancers to think more creatively inside and outside of the classroom.

  2. Dancers can make excellent progress during the summer. It’s amazing how much improvement can be made with intense training for several hours a day. Just think about it…if a dancer takes a week long intensive for 10 hours, that is 2 months of a normal 1-hr-a-week class!

  3. If a dancer is hoping to move up to the next level, taking classes and camps over the summer proves to their teachers that they are dedicated and interested in pushing themselves and staying in "dance shape". They can also use this time to fix corrections and learn more qualities of performance that could push them. (As most of you know, RISE determines who will move up at the end of the summer).

For a full view of our summer camp offerings, visit:

For a full view of our summer schedule, visit:

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